quarta-feira, 31 de julho de 2013

Adoráveis fotógrafos - PROJETO Yahama SR250 by Patrick Daly

"Yesterday our day started at 5am. We packed the car, prepped the bike and headed south to get some shots of Kara and the SR250 at dawn. The plan was to then go back to bed and resume shooting at a more reasonable hour. We didn't. Instead we kept shooting, jumping around to industrial locations all over Chicago. 14 hours later we flopped our exhausted bodies into the seat backs of a bar within stumbling distance of the apartment. We then proceeded to cap the night off. So much weight, both mental and physical, was relieved when I hit that booth. The bike was done. The shoot was done. Everything went as planned. Big thanks to Pat Daly for driving in from Detroit to lend his amazing photography skills. Also a big thanks to Sofia Boutique in Chicago for outfitting Kara for the shoot. There's been almost 2 years worth of spare time and long weekends that have gone into this bike and it's finally done. Next up - the longevity test, while Kara and I take it and the CX500 800 miles around Lake Michigan. Here are a few shots I snapped on my phone along the way. I'm stoked to see the real deal come back from editing when Pat's put his final touches on them. Stay tuned!"

Fonte: Moto-Mucci
Fotos: Patrick Daly

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